Please make your way to the pre function area for registration, networking and tea and coffee with our sponsors, before the conference gets underway at strictly 9.00am

The president of The New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health and host branch, welcomes you to our centennial event.

10.15am - Morning Tea

Sir John Kirwan (JK) is one of New Zealand’s favourite former All Blacks. He played for the national team for a decade and holds the New Zealand record for most first class rugby tries.

Thousands of men and women have been able to address their own experiences of living with depression after this rugby legend opened up and shared his experiences. Sir John Kirwan is attributed with having changed attitudes and public perceptions towards mental illness through the Government’s National Depression Initiative started in 2006. 

12.15pm - Lunch with John Kirwan

How the community and compliance work together.
Working in Wellington and the Hutt Valley with the help of a dedicated team of more than 200 volunteers, Kaibosh rescues and sorts food 7 days a week. We deliver up to 25,000kg of quality surplus food each month to community groups that support people in need. This is the equivalent of 71,000 meals provided to those who need it most, as well as a 19,400kg reduction in carbon emissions.

Kaibosh provides this service at no cost to food donors or community groups.

2.45pm - Afternoon Tea

Co-presented by Auckland and Kaipara council representatives.

Mitesh Mudaliar

Dean Nurali

Alistair Dunlop




Have you ever wondered how two pilots, who have never met each other before, can get into a cockpit and safely fly a large plane, full of passengers and cargo, from London to Los Angeles? And how do two paramedics, who only work together infrequently, find themselves working together to save the life of someone suffering from a cardiac arrest?


Every successful team needs people with a good mix of technical and essential (also commonly called ‘soft’ or ‘core’) skills.


In aviation, Crew / Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) is the human factor skills training which has been developed to stop pilots from flying perfectly good aeroplanes into the ground. CRM has been so successful that it is now used in other professions, such as surgeons, to help reduce error and prevent deaths.

Dave is a CRM instructor, trained in the USA, and has adapted the CRM skills to be relatable and usable by any teams.


This workshop will give attendees a set of simple skills which they can bring back to their workplace to increase team effectiveness and reduce errors, no matter what type of team they are on.

5.00pm - Cocktail Function and Networking


MEMBERS ONLY – please join us in the plenary room for the centennial AGM to be undertaken over breakfast.

TRUST is one of the most important elements of any team, regardless of whether you play sports, fly planes, fight fires, sell widgets, market real estate or support other team members through ‘back office’ functions such as finance, tech support or cleaning.

As a member of the team there are many things you need to trust.  Your individual skills, equipment, your processes and procedures, your management and other team members, to name a few.

Becoming a trusted member of a team requires much more than just your technical skills.

There are Essential / Core skills, such as communication, situational awareness and critical thinking, which are required, to some degree, in most jobs. Beyond that there are personal qualities, such as empathy and integrity, which cannot be taught, but are required from team members.

During this session Dave will demonstrate some of the things he needed to trust in order to hang below a moving helicopter, reveal what it took for him to be trusted by his team mates, and pull it all together with an enthralling story (or two) from the rescue helicopter. He will also give you some specific things you can bring back to your workplace, no matter what you do.

10.15am - Morning Tea

12.10pm - Lunch

2.45pm - Afternoon Tea

4.30pm - Close of Day Two

6.30pm - 9.30pm - Conference Dinner

Friday 13th MARCH

Work in the environmental health sector can be stressful. You see the dangers affecting communities and seek to alert organisations to take action. Not everyone understands what you are on about. Some may even be antagonistic towards you. You need to cope with limited funding, high levels of disinterest, scepticism and unrealistic expectations. Your past successes may not even be attributed to you or to the profession and you feel like you have to start from scratch with each new project.

All these things take their toll on you. In this brief training session we will use interactive methods to focus on you, the environmental health professional. We will explore what happens to you in moments of stress and offer three specific steps you can take to remain calm, build resilience and thrive under fire.

This session will be fun, informative and fast paced. You’d be foolish to miss it.

10.20am - Morning Tea

12.00pm - Lunch

3.00pm Conference Close